Passing It Forward

Peter is a single dad with two kids at Neighborhood House. He absolutely loves the care his children receive here, saying, “I admire the teachers, every single one of them. My kids hug the teachers before they hug me. It’s what I was hoping for.” 

When Peter’s car broke down he struggled to maintain payments to Neighborhood House and work on car repairs. Peter was even considering pulling his kids from the program so he could save money on care costs, but Neighborhood House did what we love to do: offered a hand up.

Neighborhood House was able to provide Peter and his kids with hardship assistance for a few months, allowing the kids to remain in consistent and quality care, while Peter could focus on financial stability. Now, Peter is caught up on bills and has decided to generously give his time because as he puts it, “This place has given me so much, I want to give back what I can.” Peter brings a karaoke machine to our Adult Day Services center weekly for all to enjoy some oldies, including Elvis, the Beatles, and show tunes. Neighborhood House is proud to be a part of this cycle of giving! Offering scholarships to families like Peter’s would not be possible without supporters who fill the gap between what families can afford and what services cost.

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