Aging in Place: A Success Story

Lucy is a lovely example of how Neighborhood House promotes aging in place with our Adult Day Services. When she was diagnosed with dementia her son wanted her to be able to remain social and active. In his words, he wanted her to have the best quality of life right up to the end, and in order to do that he was determined to keep her at home.

A friend recommended Neighborhood House to him to help take care of her while while she also lived at home. When she first arrived her dementia was barely noticeable, most of the clients even thought she was a staff member. Her cheery smile and helpful southern manner was delightful, and she'd greet each visitor with a cheery hello. Lucy particularly loved bowling and dancing to the community partner music programs. Her family would comment often on her love of Neighborhood House and that she would rather come to center than be at home "twiddling her thumbs."

As Lucy began the slow decline that accompanies this debilitating disease she was able to stay at home while her family maintained employment and outside commitments. After 5 years at Neighborhood House, she passed away. We miss Lucy but are so happy that we were able to take part in helping her successfully age in place.

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