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The Story Behind Our Tree

Neighborhood House has been serving families in Utah for nearly 130 years. Each day, we aim to enrich, empower, and educate children and adults through high-quality preschool and day care services. Not only do families have the assurance that their children and disabled & aging adults have somewhere to stay during working hours, but that loved ones are able to grow through programs and activities, such as music-making, outdoor recreation, and art composition.

At Neighborhood House, we pride ourselves on serving individuals at both the beginning and end of life and recognize the inherent challenges and uncertainties these stages bring to individuals and their families. Our commitment is to surround both the young and aging with compassion and respect, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive.

Neighborhood House goes beyond traditional day care services by offering recreational programs that transcend generational boundaries. Our focus on intergenerational activities creates unique opportunities for children and adults to connect, share experiences, and build meaningful relationships. This year, many of our intergenerational activities focused on creating decorations for the tree you see in front of you. 

Clients of all ages helped cultivate and grow the flowers, plants, herbs, and vegetables in the Intergenerational Sensory Garden, then our adults and community partners created the decorations using natural materials sourced from the garden. The sensory garden is purposefully designed to facilitate interaction with the healing and stimulating elements of nature. This type of therapeutic work with children and adults provides a range of benefits including the overall sensory experience, socialization, awakened memory, cognitive stimulation, physical exercise, and educational opportunities around nutrition and stewardship of nature.

While the craftsmanship of the tree is indeed impressive, the true magic lies in the bonds formed during this collaborative process. The intergenerational activities not only result in a visually striking tree but also cultivate friendships, compassion, and an enhanced quality of life for both the young and the elderly, regardless of their position in the life cycle.