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New Plaque to honor Emma McVicker

New Plaque to honor Emma McVicker

Neighborhood House hosted a celebration and unveiling of a historical marker in honor of Emma McVicker with Utah Superintendent of Public Instruction Sydnee Dickson, Board Member at Better Days Dr. Naomi Watkins, Neighborhood House Board Member Elaine Ellis, and Neighborhood House Executive Director Jennifer Nuttall. KUTV was there to cover this moment, Learn more here!

On June 3rd 2022, Neighborhood House celebrated the legacy of its founder Emma J. McVicker with the unveiling of a National Votes for Women Trail Historical Marker in her honor. Emma McVicker was an advocate of quality education for both children and their working mothers, and she was also involved in several civic and community causes, including the fight for women’s voting rights in Utah’s state constitution. The National Votes for Women Trail is a project of The National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites and recognizes sites from all over the nation to tell the untold story of suffrage for all women, of all ethnicities, that extends well past the passage of the 19th amendment. There are currently over 2000 sites on the trail, with 250 historical markers funded by the William J. Pomeroy Foundation. The marker at Neighborhood House is among the most recent and is the 8th marker brought to Utah by local women’s history nonprofit Better Days.

KUTV: SLC plaque displayed to honor historical figure Emma McVicker on fight for women's rights