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Sarah Scott, Adult Services Director, on Blue Book

Sarah Scott, Director of Adult Services, wrote an article in the Seniors Blue Book Utah about how Neighborhood House's programs can prevent the lack of cognitive stimulation from multiple activities to accelerate cognitive decline.

"Lifestyle changes related to COVID-19 transmission have had a broader impact on older adults than is reflected in current hospitalization and mortality numbers. The abrupt shift to social distancing, required to minimize exposure to a disease that puts them at ‘high risk’, has discounted the destructive impact of social isolation and/or the disruption of daily routines on health and wellness.

Older adults are frequently challenged by chronic conditions, and their health can be more influenced by what they do in their daily lives than by medical interventions. Sheltering in place - including the removal of formal and informal supports previously available every day - may lead to health risks unrelated to the pandemic. Changes in regular diet or physical exercise can negatively impact heart conditions or lead to increased weakness, frailty, and falls. Social isolation can increase depression and anxiety. The lack of cognitive stimulation from multiple activities can accelerate cognitive decline."

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