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Week of the Young Child Activities

Week of the Young Child Activities

Week of the Young Child Activities

As the only NAEYC accredited non-profit early childhood education center in the state of Utah, we were proud to celebrate NAEYC’s Week of the Young Child (April 14 – 20, 2013). We filled the week with exciting activities that showcase our commitment to providing an elite quality of early childhood education to all.

On Monday, we appreciated our teachers with a lunch generously donated by, and shared with, the Neighborhood House board of directors. Tuesday featured a professional puppet show that parents were invited to attend, and on Wednesday we had milk and crackers to celebrate Neighborhood House’s legacy of providing milk and crackers for free to the community over a century ago.

Fortunately for us, April’s Family Fun Night fell squarely within NAEYC’s Week of the Young Child. Thus, on Thursday we hosted an event centered on early childhood development and education. We had educational activities in each classroom in which we invited our clients and the greater Salt Lake community to participate. Help Me Grow, a non-profit dedicated to connecting families to community resources and child development information, provided a variety of early childhood development related activities while simultaneously connecting Neighborhood House parents and the community to the services they provide.

These events culminated in a Week of the Young Child parade through the Gateway Mall for which we partnered with Discovery Gateway. 75 of Neighborhood House’s kids paraded through the mall spreading the word about the value of early childhood education and development.

Michael Stevens – Outreach Coordinator