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What’s Happening with ADS?

What’s Happening with ADS?

Our Adult Day Centers (Riverside and Cottonwood) have been busy enjoying the spring weather! Check out some of their activities over the last few weeks!

Neighborhood News – ADS Newsletters


Client Spotlight

Bill Sims Spotlight

Bill Sims is a light at Neighborhood House, although he is a quiet man, he always has a smile and a dry bit of wit for anyone who speaks to him. Bill has had many experiences throughout his life. One of these experiences happened while he was younger; Bill entered a Saturday Evening Post contest. This contest ran for many weeks and in the end, Bill won a brand new bicycle. In those days, winning a bike was a very big deal. Additionally, Bill has always enjoyed playing sports. When he was in High School, he lettered in tennis. He also enjoyed playing softball where he played both second baseman and pitcher. Latter, Bill found his love for golf, which he played for nearly forty years of his life. He was even able to play the famous Pebble Beach Golf course in Carmel California. As well as his love of sports, Bill played the piano and was the primary pianist in his ward for many years. Some of Bills, other accomplishments include the two years he served in the Navy during the end of World War II. He was a butcher for most of his life, and enjoyed many callings in his church. These callings included, being a Sunday school teacher, a Cub Scout Master and a Second counselor to the Branch President during his Mission in Montana. Bill has also been married to his sweet wife for 58 years and they have six children.

Comfort Bags

We are still putting some first aid/comfort bags together for each of your loved ones. Many families have begun to send items which we are compiling in their individual bags. Those items are much appreciated. These bags will be used if there is an emergency in our area in which the clients are unable to leave Neighborhood House. The items in these bags will be used to provide comfort and possible first aid for your loved ones. We are asking the families of our clients to provide a small item for these bags each month until we have the bags completed. Items needed include a bottle of water, a snack such as cereal bar, Band-Aids, Neosporin, other first aid items, socks, tooth brush, tooth paste a small item of comfort, and, anything else you believe would bring comfort to your loved one during an emergency situation. Please continue to send items each month until you family member’s bag is complete. Thank you, your help with these bags is greatly appreciated.

Gentiva and Molina


Huge thanks to Gentiva for the monthly activities they provide to our adult clients! Special thanks to Michelle, whose fun and creative projects brighten our clients’ days each month!

Another round of thanks to Molina Healthcare for providing our ADS staff and clients with a wonderful (and nutritious!) lunch last week! Our clients loved the sandwiches and the presentation on health and nutrition. Neighborhood House understands learning to make healthy choices is important for everyone – especially the elderly. We can’t wait to work with them again in the future!

Upcoming Dates

10:45 off to Cottonwood
May 5th 12th 19th

10:45 Van Rides
May 2nd 9th

Fun with Cottonwood
May 7th 20th

1:30 Genitive Activity
May 15th

10:30 Utah Museum of Fine Arts
May 30th

1:30 Heart and Soul
May 9th

10:30 Bowling at Bonwood
May 6th

1:00 Art Access
May 21st

Music with Brandon
May 13th 20th 27th

Music with Maggie
May 20th 30th

Birthday party
May 19th



Client Spotlight

Russell Buck Spotlight

Right near the top of the list of long time friends here at Neighborhood House you will find Russell’s name. He has been coming for a few years, and is one of our dependable gentlemen. He really is a gentleman, he likes to open doors for people and let the ladies go first. He likes to talk about his days in the army when he flew in an airplane. He also built several houses in his younger years and he likes to work with his hands. Russell has a great sense of humor and likes to make jokes, he is an all around funny guy. He also a man of many talents, such as he is a great harmonica player and sometimes he will play for us.

Caregiver Support Group

Gentiva Hospice will be doing a support group for caregivers at Neighborhood House on Thursday May 22nd from 4pm-5pm.
Come get to know other caregivers, ask questions and learn how to work with difficult situations. Refreshments served.

“Gatsby” 1920’s Garden Tea Party


May 16, 11:00-1:30
Families are invited to come to Cottonwood for Afternoon Tea, games and fun. We are having a spring time open house, all clients and families are invited to attend. We will be celebrating the Jazz age, with some swinging music, a tea party where lunch will be served, play some games in the garden and a photo booth. Wear your best sun hat.

Upcoming Dates

Fun w/ Riverside
May 5, 12, 19

Fun w/ Neighborhood House Kids
May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Lunch & Fun @ Riverside
May 7, 20

Music with Alobar & Kudra
May 8

Pet Therapy Goats
May 9 and other surprise days.

Bowling at Bonwood Bowl
May 13

Tie dye Creations
May 15

Garden Party Open House
May 16

Cactus and Tropicals Outing
May 21

Picnic @ Sugarhouse Park
Feeding the Ducks
May 22

Center Closed for Staff Training
May 23

Happy Memorial Day Center Closed
May 26

Tour of State Capitol Building
May 27