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The Preston Lloyd Combo Dazzles Riverside Clients

The Preston Lloyd Combo Dazzles Riverside Clients

The Preston Lloyd Combo Dazzles Riverside Clients

This week we were extremely lucky to be in the company of the Preston Lloyd Combo as they serenaded our adult clients at Neighborhood House’s Riverside adult day services center. The Preston Lloyd Combo is a smaller formulation of the Preston Lloyd Big Band, consisting of saxophone, vocals, piano, electric bass, and drums. Although the Preston Lloyd Combo lacks the instrumental variety of its big band big brother, it retains all of the latter’s luster. The Preston Lloyd Combo captivated our clients as it performed jazz standards ranging from Frank Sinatra to Antonio Carlos Jobim.


Our clients benefited tremendously from hearing tunes in a live music context that were meaningful to them at past points in their lives. Most of our adult clients suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia in varying degrees of severity. Music therapy is a well documented and increasingly popular therapeutic resource for stimulating cognitive function and bringing joy to individuals with these and other afflictions.

LaJune Derald

For many of our clients, hearing songs such as “New York, New York” visibly evoked emotional reactions from resurfacing memories that they associate with a particular song and time in their lives. We had clients singing along, tapping their feet, and even getting up to dance. We cannot thank the Preston Lloyd Combo enough for their service to Neighborhood House.

Bass Drums

The non-profit Heart & Soul is what makes this, and many other Neighborhood House live music events, possible. Heart & Soul was founded in 1994 to bring music and performing arts to isolated people in need. By covering the expenses for shows at senior centers, convalescent homes, hospitals, centers for children with disabilities, domestic abuse shelters, psychiatric facilities, and prisons, Heart & Soul is able to bring over 600 shows to 15,000 people each year. Heart & Soul chooses artists that cater very specifically to each target audience. In our case, the Preston Lloyd Combo was chosen for their emphasis on older tunes and jazz standards. Heart & Soul provides an irreplaceable service to our community. Thank you sincerely from all of us at Neighborhood House.

Michael Stevens – Outreach Coordinator