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Success! A Quick Recap of Urban Gallery VI, Drawn Together

Success! A Quick Recap of Urban Gallery VI, Drawn Together




Last Friday’s, Neighborhood House hosted Urban Gallery VI as part of Salt Lake’s Gallery Stroll. What a blast!

The theme this year was Drawn Together. Eight different children from Neighborhood House, Discovery Gateway, and Bad Dog Arts sketched line drawings, featuring everything from cats and turtles, to dancers and readers. The selected drawings were then magnified and projected onto the garage doors here at Neighborhood House and interpreted by eight different local artists. The results were stunning.

Our audience was comprised of the artists themselves (both children and adults), as well as their families and friends, plus a healthy handful of interested art lovers. Everyone enjoyed music and  refreshments courtesy of Tony Caputo’s, and at the end of the night, votes for Audience Favorite were tallied. Congratulations to Mackenzie Donovan!




We’d like to take a second to thank ALL of our talented artists. We wish we could have voted for all of you!

Carey Ann Francis & Perla – Cat

Lydia Gravis & Everett – Turtle

Annastasia Copeland-Rynders & Zaquary – Bats

Andrew Rice & Whitney – Reader

Mackenzie Donovan & Angela – Butterfly

Ian Guy Leinbach & Jaxton – Motorcycle

Jena Schmidt & Terra – Dogs and Cats

Elly Baldwin & Grace – Dancers

Did you miss the grand opening? That’s okay — Urban Gallery is open 24/7, year round. Come check out the art while the weather is still tolerable. Or you can see pictures from the event on our Flickr.