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Snow Day, Neighborhood House’s Way

Snow Day, Neighborhood House’s Way

Snow Day, Neighborhood House’s Way

There are always fun things happening at Neighborhood House. On Friday, February 1st, we braved the snow and created a winter wonderland in our own backyard. All of our classes came together to build a snowman, play in the snow and create a variety of snow structures. We even built an igloo—well, most of one anyway!

Winter time is full of light,

Winter time is big and bright,

Winter time is full of fun,

Winter time has lots of sun,

Winter time is full of fruits,

Winter time is time to be free,

that’s why Winter time is for me.

“Winter time is for me.”

– Mahfooz Ali

At the end of the day we gave out hot chocolate, turning cold shivers into radiant smiles. Exhausted, we gazed across the field and admired what we had built together, knowing full well that as the sun will destroy the winter cold so too would it destroy our snowy paradise. None of us minded though, because we knew that a host of new adventures to enjoy together would accompany the change in weather.


Collectively, we learned the valuable lesson that even when the weather is at its worst, if we stick together and work as a team we can have just as much fun. For each snow creation we had to trust each other. As we built our igloo, we split up tasks into making ice blocks and stacking them together. The stackers had to trust that the ice block makers built their blocks correctly, and the ice block makers had to trust that the stackers would stack their blocks in a way that ensures structural integrity. Only with this mutual trust and balance were we able to create our spectacular (half) igloo. Though our snowy wonderland will pass with time, alas we are not shaken for we know there are sunnier days ahead.


Michael Stevens – Outreach Coordinator