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Race Swami Swim Club

Race Swami Swim Club

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In just a few short weeks, children attending the Neighborhood House after school program will be able to take swimming lessons.

Starting this March, children ages 5-12 (grades K-6) will be able to attend swimming and water safety lessons with local none profit, Race Swami:

Race Swami exists to empower youth to be champions — in and out of the water for a lifetime. We provide opportunities in swimming for under-served youth from the west side of Salt Lake City. Our goal is to develop our participants’ physical and mental health in a fun and unique environment, deeply rooted in self-discipline, teamwork, and whole-body awareness. At the same time, we value and welcome the rich cultural knowledge and experiences of the youth and communities we serve.

The program will start with a four-week series of lessons. Every Friday, Neighborhood House students will be bused to the Steiner West Aquatic Center, just a five minute drive from our location. For half an hour, students will be allowed to swim in the water under careful supervision from Race Swami’s professional coaches. Children will learn various swim techniques as well as important water safety rules. The lessons will be split into two, thirty-minute blocks, allowing for children of similar ages and swimming abilities to be given the most appropriate instruction.

A Race Swami swim meet. Courtesy of Race Swami.

The courses will be done with plenty of time for children to prepare for warmer weather, and we’re hoping to continue doing things.

To learn more about our swimming lessons with Race Swami, please contact Shannon Jensen or call (801) 363-4589.

Interested in helping out? Please consider donating! Our swimming classes are looking for:

Children’s Swimming Goggles
Children’s Swimsuits [sizes ages 5-12]