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Neighborhood House Traditions

Neighborhood House Traditions

Looking through pictures of Neighborhood House Adult Day Center over the 34 years that it has served Salt Lake, I feel a strong sense of cohesiveness.

Some things seem ever-present: community involvement, entertainers, volunteers of all ages, adults and children interacting together, wild and crazy activities (plays, fashion shows, costume parties, dancing, etc), and caring, involved staff who stick around and put smiles on everyone’s faces. I was moved in thinking of all the good that Neighborhood House has done for so many people!

Just today we shared stories of what we know about our family history. Stories were shared about growing up tending a cabbage patch, riding horses, about being adopted, having relatives befriend J.C. Penny and John Wayne, about practicing martial arts with Bruce Lee… Individuals opened up, challenging dementia and Alzheimer’s for those cherished memories of life, all within a circle of friends listening with care. I see that the NHH tradition is creativity, activity, sharing, and most apparent: acceptance. I’m sure anyone who has spent any time here will agree.

Having been with NHH for just over a year I wonder what I can add to a tradition so great. Life is an opportunity to love, and each individual loves in a different way. I hope I can make a difference by joining my unique perspective and love to that of all who have been a part of the Neighborhood House family.

Beth Hiatt