Providing quality, affordable day care and support services to children and adults, based on their ability to pay.

Neighborhood House goes back to school!

Neighborhood House goes back to school!

Neighborhood House goes back to school!

Neighborhood House finished out this year’s Summer Program and S.O.A.R (Summer Outdoor Activities & Recreation) Camp Challenge with a fabulous fashion show presented by four of the participating classrooms. Each group of students worked together to build a themed costume with limited materials and create a team cheer that they shared with our three VISTA “judges.”


Our various summer programs encouraged teamwork through activities like the fashion show and focused on helping children to develop friendships, work cooperatively, communicate effectively, and increase self-image and self-confidence. “The best thing about the summer was the fieldtrips!” chorused the room 10 team. “I loved doing the fashion show! It was fun and we learned about fashion and teamwork,” said another member of the Summer Program squad. All the kids had lots of fun, made new friends, and are looking forward to doing it again next year!

(Neighborhood House at Lagoon)

While the summer program may be over, the excitement at Neighborhood House certainly isn’t as we gear up this week for the 2013-2014 school year! Neighborhood House’s NAEYC-accredited preschool and quality before/after school programs support a largely low-income community and ensure that all children are prepared and supported throughout school, regardless of their economic resources. This fall, we are proud to announce that 52 students will enter kindergarten after graduating from Neighborhood House’s preschool program!

Free, state-provided preschool is not available in Utah, resulting in a lack of school readiness for many lower-income children. Neighborhood House’s preschool fills this gap by providing quality education on a sliding fee scale, based on a family’s ability to pay. Placing children in this program evens the playing field for families that have access to fewer resources. By providing early educational opportunities through our programs and with partners such as the Head-Start program, Neighborhood House prepares young students for academic, social, and emotional success.

After children leave the preschool program and enter school, Neighborhood House continues to support working families. Neighborhood House offers year-round programs that include transportation for school-age children to and from twelve area schools, nutritious meals daily, one-on-one tutoring and homework help, and after-school enrichment programs. This provides children with the care and educational support they need in order to succeed in school.


“Our programs include a wide array of activities that emphasize physical, social, emotional, and academic components of a child’s development. This continues into the afterschool enrichment activities, with activities such as running club, art, cooking, and theater classes,” said Kelly Condie, the Preschool/Youth Program Director at Neighborhood House.

Keep an eye out this fall for upcoming opportunities like the 2013 Tent Party to support our great programs and stay up-to-date with our kids’ success stories by “liking” us on Facebook!

— Maria Schwarz