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How To Cook a Turkey – As Told By Second Graders

How To Cook a Turkey – As Told By Second Graders


Part of our November Family Fun Night focused on literacy. Students wrote books, performed songs and presented the alphabet to parents and friend at our Thanksgiving dinner. One of the favorite activities was proposed by a teacher from the school age program. She asked her seven- and eight-year-old students how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey and recorded their answers word-for-word. The result was priceless. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

How To Cook a Turkey…Or So We Think!

Andy: Grab a turkey that’s dead. Take off the feathers and pull out the guts. Cook at 20 degrees for 20 minutes then I eat it!

Diana: First, buy a turkey. Wash the blood out and give it a shot. Put it in the oven and cook at 50 degrees. Leave it in for 10 minutes. Then take it out, put on a place and decorate with veggies. Enjoy!

Cesar: Get a turkey from the store. Microwave it for 2 minutes. Then eat it.

Alexa: Just buy a turkey from the store. First clean it. Put it on a pan with hot boiling water. Cook for a minute or two. Then put it in the over at 13 degrees and cook for 3 minutes. When it’s done, we eat it. Yum!

Sarah: Get a turkey from the store. Take the bones out. Put it in the over. About 15-20 degrees hot. Cook for 15 minutes. Take it out of the over and eat it.

Tyrese: Buy a turkey and take it out of the wrapper bag. Put it in a pot with hot water. Cook for 20 minute. Take out of water and cut. Now eat it.

Ricardo: Catch a turkey and take the feathers and tail out. Also guts and legs. Put it in the over at 1 degree for 1 minute. Then eat it with a plate, fork, and knife. (Ricardo, you might need an ice pick for this one, too!)

Julian: Buy a turkey fro the store. Throw it in the over. Cook at 60 degrees for 10 hours. Take it out and let it cool then eat it.

Daniel: First, either go buy or hunt a turkey. Clean it and take all the feathers off. Then you can cook it in the oven. Cook at 98 degrees for 2 and a half hours. Then let it cool down if it’s really really hot. If it’s cool enough, you can eat it.

Kyara: Get a turkey from the store. Put it in the pan. Turn on the oven to 100 degrees and cook for 1 hour. Decorate your table then eat.

Ashley: Buy one at the store and take it home. Take out all the slimy stuff. Put it in the over. Cook at 17 degrees for 25 minutes. Then set it up and eat it with your family.

Alex: Kill the turkey and take off the feathers. Pull out the guts. Put a stick through it and roast over a fire then eat it. (Thanksgiving, camping style!)

Layla: Buy a turkey from the store. Take it home and put it in the over. Heat it up to 60 degrees for 1 hour. Done — now eat.

Armando: Put a turkey in a big over. Heat it up to 10 degrees and cook for 10 minutes. When it’s ready, just eat.

Priscilla: Go buy a turkey from the store. Put it on a plate in the oven. Cook at 90 degrees for 20 minutes. Next, take it out and cut it up. Now you eat it!

Kiana: First, buy a turkey from the store. Next, put the stuffing in it. Cook in the over at 30 degrees for 50 minutes. Cool it off, then eat it up!

Nevaeh: Cut up the turkey and put in a pan. Make it real hot. Cook for 30 minutes. Then eat!

Alanis: Get a pan and buy a turkey. Put the turkey in water. Cook in hot water for 2 minutes. Take it out and put it in a bowl. Place it in the oven and spin the knob a little. Take it out and eat it. (Don’t know how hot to make your oven? Don’t worry, just “spin the knob a little”!)

So, there you have it. Apparently poached turkey is quite the fad in second grade! We are so thankful for these kids’ desire to help…but maybe they could use a bit more hands-on experience first.