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Community Garden

The Community Garden is Growing!

Come see Neighborhood House in our 7th year of community gardening and help us make this season our best yet! A total of 18 garden plots are available to community members. We partner with Real Food Rising to cultivate the rest of the garden space. Contact (801) 363-4589 ext.117 for more information or for a garden tour.

Plots are available for the 2017 growing season! For an application, please email!

Past Garden Efforts

Thanks to the efforts of over a hundred volunteers, dedicated neighbors, and amazing organizational partners, Neighborhood House has been able to transform the overgrown parcel of land to the west of its center into a flourishing community garden. The garden provides Neighborhood House families and residents of the local community with a space to affordably cultivate organic produce and healthier lifestyles.

Portions of the land are also used by other nonprofit organizations. In 2011, the International Rescue Committee ran a refugee youth gardening program on the site. In 2012, a segment of the property was developed by Real Food Rising, a program that teaches youth leaders about food production, education, food access, job training, and building bridges between communities through agriculture. In 2013 Real Food Rising began working the rest of the 1.3 acres of land, and in 2014 they were able to grow crops on the majority of the parcel. The organization donates three quarters of the produce grown to local hunger relief agencies and provides educational field trips.

The Neighborhood Garden has been operational for seven years and has evolved and expanded capacity with each new growing season. In early spring 2012, volunteers entirely restructured the cleared land and replaced raised beds bordered with sagging hay bales with sustainable wood planter boxes.  We have begun working with local bee keepers to host bee hives in the garden, benefiting the garden space by pollinating the growing plants. The parcel is 1.3 acres and our dream is to develop the entire area into a mixed-use space to provide organic gardening opportunities and promote healthy lifestyles, positive recreation, and education.

If you are interested in joining the community of gardeners, volunteering, donating, or have ideas for the development of the land please contact Lena Bain at 801-363-4589.