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Celebrating 35 Years of Adult Day Services

Celebrating 35 Years of Adult Day Services

Celebrating 35 Years of Adult Day Services

Part III: Our Quality of Life

Every day, Neighborhood House’s Adult Day Services program tries new approaches to care to help our clients have the best day they can. We work with each individual in the areas of physical ability, cognitive functioning, social interactions, and emotional well-being to maintain and improve their quality of life. Life can be frustrating for individuals with dementia-related diseases. In moments of clarity, they sometimes realize how much they have changed and have lost the ability to do many of the activities they once enjoyed, which can lead to loneliness, helplessness, boredom, and depression. Our program is designed to overcome these feelings and improve their quality of life by keeping our clients active and engaged with recreational therapy. We encourage each individual to participate in activities that are challenging and achievable.

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When clients first come to Neighborhood House, many of them are anxious and confused, but their peers reach out to them and help them feel comfortable being in a new place. Some of the best testimonials we have ever heard about our services are from one client to another talking about how much they enjoy coming to Neighborhood House.
Our clients and their families both feel the clients benefit from our programs. One client stated that she likes coming to Neighborhood House because it gives her things to do during the day. She likes participating in all the programs and spending time with people. Another client said that she most enjoys the camaraderie of being with others. Our clients’ families notice how much their loved ones enjoy coming to Neighborhood House and make an effort to bring them more often when they see improvements in mood and behaviors.
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Our programs improve the quality of life for our clients, our staff, and our neighborhood. We carry on the legacy the founders of Neighborhood House built and every day we help our clients be part of the greater Neighborhood House and Utah communities. We look forward to growing and continuing to improve in our future and we hope you will join us in this adventure. Come on in!

Please join us to celebrate 35 wonderful years of innovation and pioneering in Adult Day Services at the 2013 Neighborhood House Tent Party!

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