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Celebrating 35 Years of Adult Day Services

Celebrating 35 Years of Adult Day Services

Celebrating 35 Years of Adult Day Services

Part II: Our Resourceful Community

Pioneers often had limited resources and had to make do with what little they had through creativity and by relying on a strong, caring community. In our Adult Day Services program, we are resourceful each day in using what we have to create an engaging and caring environment for our clients. To achieve this, we take advantage of the expertise and unique skills of both our care providers and clients. One client, for example, plays the piano and enjoys keeping her skills up by playing for the other clients after lunch. Other clients are great storytellers and still others are great friends who are always there to talk with and help other clients.

At Neighborhood House, we strive to create a community where we can all rely on one another for care and growth. Each week the two Adult Day Centers get together for an activity where we interact and get to know each other. The Children’s Day Care also comes to the Adult Day centers, providing cross-generational activities that are rewarding for the children and adult clients alike. The children get undivided attention from the “grandparents,” and adults receive life, energy, enthusiasm, and happiness from the children. By working together and incorporating the skills of the clients and staff, we enrich each day at Neighborhood House.


We also look to our surrounding community for resources that can help enhance our programs. Partnerships have provided engaging and interesting programs such as pet therapy, volunteer entertainment groups, and craft project workshops such as leatherworking. Our Cottonwood and Riverside facilities have also benefited from taking part in a large community garden. The gardens provide a great resource for activities such as nature scavenger hunts, reminiscing, sensory walks, and a beautiful place to go for our daily exercise.

We are always looking for service opportunities to give back to our surrounding community. We enjoy interacting with participants of the Cottonwood Presbyterian Church and attending Vacation Bible School. We wrote a message of encouragement to the children about being strong and having confidence, and in return they made us some lovely sun catchers, which now decorate our windows and brighten up the room.
As a community resource, we help to give families time to work, run errands, and have a break from the demanding task of caring for their family members with dementia, mental and physical disabilities, and age-related decline. However, many people have not heard about us. Almost on a daily basis we have someone say, “I am so glad I found you!” People are surprised that there are not more facilities like ours. Family and caregivers notice that when their loved one comes to our center regularly, they perform better cognitively, sleep better, and show less anxious behaviors and fewer sun-downing symptoms. We hope that the unity of our community and the quality of our programs will follow the pioneering spirit of our founders and continue to serve our great community for 35 more wonderful years!

Please join us to celebrate 35 wonderful years of innovation and pioneering in Adult Day Services at the 2013 Neighborhood House Tent Party!

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