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A Neighborhood House Love Story

A Neighborhood House Love Story

A Neighborhood House Love Story

Sharri remembers when her eleven-year-old playmate, Lynn, began professing his intent to marry her when her mother picked her up from the youth program at Neighborhood House.


“I just laughed”, Sharri said.


Thirty-three years of marriage later, the couple decided to try to locate the Salt Lake City day care and after school center where they had first met while in town for routine medical visits. Lo, and behold, Neighborhood House’s Children’s Day Center stands proudly on the same beautiful four acres it has occupied since 1960.


Sharri had attended a local Catholic school, and when the bell rang, she would quickly scurry to Neighborhood House. As an only child, her after school time with other kids was precious to her. Lynn remembers eagerly waiting to see Sharri skipping down the sidewalk toward the center. “Even then, I had my eye on her,” he said affectionately, giving his wife a sweet smile.


As we toured the hallways of the day care center, we learned that Sharri was quite the hopscotch enthusiast. Lynn alleged Sharri would cheat. As we stood around the hopscotch court, we concluded that the statute of limitations had surely run out on Sharri’s alleged playground offenses, and she was acquitted by our unofficial tribunal. Anyway, we weren’t exactly sure how someone cheats at hopscotch.


One of the joys of working at Neighborhood House is seeing each and every day the powerful impact of its 118 year legacy. Alumni of its preschool and youth programs can be found all over the Salt Lake City and beyond in graduate schools, businesses, and politics to name just a few. Sharri and Lynn relocated to Idaho in the seventies, but a casual drive into their old west side Salt Lake neighborhood brought them through our doors. Talking with them was a great reminder of the joys and significance of being involved with such a fantastic organization.


Veronica Scheidler-Volunteer and Partnership Coordinator